With a new clothing brand, it may be difficult to grasp how drops will happen and how to get your hands on the most limited releases. This information is VITAL, given once apparel sells out, it’ll never restock.

General Releases

To the general population, drops are random. Notifications for these releases occur on @vitalkompany instagram feed. So be sure to turn on IG post notifications and be ready to hop on the shop link. Generally, apparel items drop in multiples or sets. However, very limited releases may drop individually.

Instagram: @vitalkompany

Joining the email list

If you are apart of the Vital Kompany email list, apparel drop experiences are slightly different. Rather than waiting for post notifications that occur randomly, members are notified of exact drop date and times via email in advance. Furthermore, private shop links are sent to members, allowing them exclusive access to all drops prior to the general public.

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