Established in 2019, Vital Kompany is VK’s official clothing line. Along with offering quality fits and original design ideas to the streetwear culture, the brand was founded on the idea of always “Keeping Vital Kompany.” Those that we surround ourselves with affect not only the way we are perceived by others but also the way we perceive ourselves. Therefore, we should make it our mission to wisely choose those we keep around us, while ensuring to motivate, uplift and provide for one another. We are Always Stronger Together.

VK’s founder and lead designer: Brian Chan


” My story begins in Brooklyn, New York City, where I was born and raised. In my household, fashion was always part of the conversation; whether it was my mother finding thrift store steals (for what she thought was fashionable) or my sister rocking the latest Jordans and telling me to step it up. Staying sharp and “fly” was a priority stepping out the house, but also a priority while walking around one of the world’s most renown fashion capitals.”

The Passion & Vision:

“As I got older, fashion and putting together the best fits became increasingly important in both my social groups and personal life. That is, until my undergraduate career, where I left New York City to spend the next 4 years of my life in Greencastle, Indiana. Immediately, it became clear that fashion and outfits were far from the priority in this town (guess they didn’t need to look fresh while farming). However, I didn’t let that stop me from spreading my passion for it. When I joined my fraternity towards the end of my Freshman year, I immediately started picking up all the positions that created t shirts and hoodies for the house (for events for example). Though my fraternity brothers may not have come from a place where fashion was valued, I made sure that they recognized what it meant to me being from NYC and the social benefits of caring about your appearance. Through this experience and years of designing clothes for my brothers and those around me, I knew clothing design was something that I wanted to continue pursuing long after college.”

Trust the process

Vital Kicks Incorporated

“After graduating in 2017, I decided to stay in the midwest and moved to Chicago. Here I started my career as an educator for Chicago Public Schools. Though education was something that I came to love into adulthood, my passion for everything mentioned above still remained. And so, in my first year in Chicago, I founded “Vital Kicks Incorporated,” Chicago’s online consignment store. This business focused mainly on buying, selling and trading limited and sought after sneakers.”

The Birth of “Vital Kompany Apparel”

” After about 2 and a half years of Vital Kicks, I realized I wanted more for my business. In between flipping kicks, whenever I got a free moment, I still made it my mission to sketch out designs and work on my clothing ideas. Though I didn’t start my business around clothing design, I knew I wanted to continue something I felt so passionate about. In 2019, I decided to start my apparel line, “Vital Kompany.” At the time of it’s founding, I reflected on my own life and what I believed to be most important. What is the message that I want to spread and promote through my clothing line? I valued the company I kept around me. The people that motivated me, and picked me up when I was down, was most important to me then, as it is now and forever on. We leverage the relationships we build to continue growing individually. That is vital to our individual lives and vital to the progression of our world and society. We are Always Stronger Together.”