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KVK Tie Dye Tees

The “Keep Vital Kompany” Tees holds a picture of the Last supper on it’s back design it’s inspiration. This picture continues to emphasize the importance of Keeping Vital Kompany around you at all times.

Now offered with custom Tie Dye designs by request! After purchase, a survey will be sent to your email asking for the colors and patterns you want!

Klassic Kompany Tee (Assorted Colors)

The Klassic Kompany Tee features VK’s heart logo. Being one of Vital Kompany’s first apparel creations, this shirt has become an instant Klassic.

This tee comes in three different color ways; “Heartline Red,” “Hyperline Orange,” and “Cerulean Blue.” All designs are printed on 100% lightweight cotton.

Pink Ribbons Dad Hat

VK’s Pink Ribbons Dad Hat features a logo of three unique VK pink ribbons. First, the color way and ribbons are meant to continue to raise Breast Cancer awareness during the month of October.

A heart is placed in the middle of multiple ribbons to emphasize our message …

Embroidered Kompany Hoodie

VK’s “OG Kompany Hoodie,” earns it’s name from being Vital Kompany’s first apparel creation. Available in the “Deep Black” color, this design is embroidered into 100% mid weight cotton for vitality, comfort and warmth.

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